garlic bread

Hi!! I haven’t posted from months. I had my final exam and also busy. In fact I am going to post a tutorial on: “how to make garlic bread”.

I love garlic bread, especially  with cheese Yum! whenever I want to eat garlic bread, I made it in minutes. It’s very easy to make. You even don’t need to make garlic bread with unique ingredients, just only garlic paste and butter(of course! you need bread to make)

so let’s make!

You need:

  • ginger and garlic paste
  • bread (in slices)
  • cheese (optional)
  • butter
  • oregano for taste


step 1:


spread butter on a bread slice.

step 2:


now spread  1tsp ginger and garlic paste on bread.

step 3:


now add oregano on bread.

step 4:

edited    final flip

on the  flame,put the pan and spread butter.  Now put the bread on pan wait for minute. now flip and wait for a minute and flip.


do this till the bread becomes brown in bottom.


Decorate it and completed. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial. If you like this tutorial, comment and like.

also, I started  my art account in Instagram , so don’t forget to check out my page.

Thank you.


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