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Mummy’s Birthday Card

Hi everyone! Happy new year!  today I am going to share the making of my mummy’s birthday card. My mummy’s birthday is coming in this week. I have made many birthday card for  mom and family. This year I have decided to make this birthday special by making unique card for my mom.

I got this idea from cardboard. I had 2 small square cardboard. Then I covered with origami paper. It was looking sooo beautiful.


Then I took a one small rectangle yellow origami paper and made a design with brush. I have 18 water colours, in that I have used only 6 colours. it was looking sooo artistic.


After this, I was stick this paper on the cardboard.

After that, I made a paper flower and stick on the card. Really, it’s was so fantastic. In black flower, I added some golden seed beads.

WP_20161224_006.jpg            WP_20161224_012 (2).jpg

Decoration were completed. I written ‘Happy Birthday Mumma’ on the yellow paper. I also stick some rhinestone.

IMG_20161226_172646_1 (2).jpg     IMG_20161224_155540 (2).jpg

After this, I fold half origami black paper and stick in card. I stick paper in between the 2 cardboards. then I write:

‘happy birthday to you

happy birthday to you

you are the best mummy in the world. we all love you.’


So, these is the made by me and my brother. Now only few days are left for the mummy’s birthday.



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