Happy New Year! 

Hi!  Happy new year to all! Now this year is gone. In 2016 I had good memories with my family and friends.  It was unique year for me. It sounds funny for me.

Now my exams gonna going to come.  OMG!  My first exam is maths. I really hate maths, Especially geometry. Geometry is hard.  But in fact,  if I will practice nicely,  surely I will get good marks.

This year I have done different things and learnt many things.

From April,  my 9th standard session  had started.  Now this year I will come in 10th standard. I am really excited for the new session. My birthday is coming on 23 March.  Wow,  now I am super excited.

In may,  my summer vacation had started.  I enjoy alot.  I had done my all homework in time.  I played alot,  I had made my drawings,  etc. But in June normal routine were started.

In June 4, my instructables account became one year old.  Now,  have 50+ instructables.

In August,  I was preparing a dance for the selection for independence day dance. I was preparing gujarati folk dance.  But one of the  teacher In my school want me to participate in hindi debate competition.  Because I written my name by mistakenly in hindi debate.  Debate competition was on 4th August, but after debate, i was not selected in dance because dance selection was finished.

After these days,  I was practicing on that gujarati folk dance.

On 23 August,  In my class new girl was came, Jahanvi.  She is nice.  When she came I was sitting with her. Now I am sitting alone.  Lol.

In September,  my summative assement 1 exam was there. It was Easy and also hard exam.

In October,   the students was preparing a dance,  song, for our school annual day function.  I was not selected,  my girls in my class was selected.  I was alone girl in my class.  But everyday I was going to see a dance of the  girls in my class.

In October 22, finally annual day was there.  I was not gone. In that day I was opened my first Instagram account (personal one).  I was very crazy about Instagram.

In November,  finally my brother’s b’day had came.  I was made a card for my brother.

In starting of December, I have started making mandalas.  I have made more than 10 mandalas.  I have also posted that article.

In December 8, I have started this blog to sharing my views and hobbies with you.

In December 17, we 9th class gone on field trip in Khamir.  It was joyful experience.

In December 26 December,  there was a dance period in my class.  My all friends were said me to show dance that I was started on August.  My dance teacher liked liked my  dance and my friends were also liked my dance.  That day I was happy that dance was good. I am practicing for another dance.

In December 31, i have written this  post.  And published on 1st January 2017.

So,  this was my memories of 2016. Bye bye 2016, hello 2017.


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