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 beginning of mandalas 

I like to make mandala.  I have made more than 10 mandalas.  I am making mandala since the starting of the December. I have made different design.

This is my first mandala. It tooks 2-3 hours to make this. It made me headache, but joyful.  That time I was confused what to make, the  after a minute I got idea to make this type.  

This is my second mandala.  Me and my friend we together made this. It is beautiful.

One day I was watching the different arts on Instagram.  I saw one artist whose making mostly mandalas (caroline330).  I saw her one art, in which the tulip is fully mandalas. I were can’t wait to made this,  the  I made.  

These is other mandalas which I made.

I also made mandalas on the small square origami paper.
So,  these are mandalas made by me.


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