PaniPuri is one of the popular Indian street food. I like PaniPuri. it is spicy and tasty.  it is also called golgappa.  it is also easy to make. So, let’s  make this PaniPuri.


  1. boiled potato
  2. onion
  3. red chilli (powdered)
  4. PaniPuri mix
  5. PaniPuri puri


Methods:  PaniPuri stuffing’s:


  1. take a boiled potato  and mash it.
  2. add onion
  3. add red chilli powder.


4. mix it! ( hands or spoon)

5. mix

6. it will look like this.

Methods: PaniPuri pani(water):


  1. take PaniPuri mix.
  • add water (1 liter) and PaniPuri mix (approx. 2 spoon)

2. mix together properly.

3. it will looks like.

  • now put this in freezer for 10-15 min before serving.

methods of eating:

  • crack the top of the puri.
  • add the PaniPuri stuffing in the puri.
  • now put the pani and eat immediately.

note: PaniPuri can be eat without pani.







5 thoughts on “PaniPuri

  1. Gol Gappe!!!! ❤ In love with them.
    BTW, aik kaam karo add some channe and raita and imli ki chutni. You will love it for sure.

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