Beaded Anklet

I have so many seed bead and sequins that  I am thinking what to make. Today  I got idea of making anklet. I was can’t wait to make this anklet. So, today I am going to make this beaded anklet.

Materials needed:


  1. raindrop seed bead
  2. colourful sequins
  3. thread
  4. button

final 1st part.png

  1. take thread and make knot type.
  2. now take measurement
  3. it will look like this.


  1. now add raindrop bead.
  2. now add sequin.
  3. repeat that pattern


it will take 1-2 hours ( not exactly).


  1. after adding beads and sequins, add a button.
  2. make a knot (2 knots).
  3. cut the extra thread.





I have made 5 anklets. It looks very pretty.




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