Pearl necklace 

I like pearl jewelleries, especially pearl necklace. I like different design pearl necklace. One day I got idea to To make this  type of necklace. So today I am going to make this pearl necklace.

Materials needed :

  • Pearl ( 3 different sizes: 12mm, 8mm, 4mm)
  • String
  • S-clip and jumpring

  • Take string and tie the knot with S-clip. 
  1. Now add 4mm pearl (7pearls) 
  2. Now add 8mm pearl (11pearls)
  3. Now add 12mm pearl (9 pearls) 

After adding 12mm pearl,  add 11 pearls of 8mm and 7 pearls of 4mm. 

After adding  pearls,  take a jumpring and tie it with string. 


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